Sunday, 19 March 2017

Celebrating books and World Book Day


Our focus book this week was a wonderful rhyming book by Julia Donaldson.

We had fun with the parachute trying to get Ted to fall out of bed!
We sang lots of rhymes with our own bears.

We also painted portraits of our soft toys - the children did a fantastic job - everyone who came into our room was amazed at the pictures!

Can you work out which characters we are? 
We enjoyed many stories together and the room was buzzing with conversation about each others' costumes!

Stories are a huge part of every day, but we loved this special week of learning and fun!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Lots of mark making

The creative table has been been busy this week with children wrapping "presents" for special people. Because we are focusing on writing for a purpose, the children were encouraged to write a label for the present.
It has been really pleasing to see the children developing their letter formation and spotting letters they knew in words.


The writing area had been full most of the week with industrious little mark makers.

The children have enjoyed using paint to practise letters and line patterns. Different muscles are used when mark making on a vertical surface.

Next week is Book Week, including World Book Day!
"One Ted falls out of bed" by Julia Donaldson is our class book - lots of fun activities are being planned!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

The children loved the magnificent dragon puppets in the parades we saw in the CBeebies video clips. They made some fantastic dragons themselves over the week!

Lots of sensory activities gave opportunities for stimulating discussion and new vocabulary.

The children practised their cutting skills a great deal this week as they made lanterns and dragon puppets. Great concentration!

We went into the hall and danced our dragons and played our instruments to the wonderful Chinese music.

We even tasted some delicious Chinese food!

It's been a great week, with the children talking so much about their experiences of this colourful and vivacious celebration of Chinese new year.
Happy Chinese New Year!